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              Code of Conduct

              Code of Conduct

              Adherence to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, fair practice and ethical behavior are fundamental to our business model. SKS has a very good reputation with our customers, investors, bankers and financial institutions and command respect as India’s leading MFI providing top-quality service to sangam members with exemplifying management best practice. SKS name and Logo must also be synonymous with ethical behavior and sound business practices.
              We have adopted this Code of Conduct to reinvigorate and renew our commitment to the highest standards of conduct. We believe that conducting business legally and ethically is an essential part of our goal of becoming one of the world’s most successful MFI in eradicating poverty.

              Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Managers

              Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Managers

              Internal Guidelines on Corporate Governance

              Code of Conduct/Ethics - for all Employees

              Code of Conduct/Ethics - for All Employees

              SKS employs many people, each with his or her own personal values. Two of the values we must all share are integrity and a desire to have a good reputation. The reputation of SKS is one of our most important assets. Each and every employee is important in protecting our reputation.

              Our reputation makes a big difference in our relationships with sangam members, business partners and lenders, in the marketplace, shareholders and in the communities where we do business. We desire to maintain, protect and enhance our reputation.

              Dealing with Our Fellow Employees

              SKS employs many people. Our success depends on the contributions of all the people we work with. We should be fair and respectful in our dealings with our fellow employees. SKS is committed to

              • Valuing diversity
              • Equal opportunity employment
              • Prohibition of harassment
              • Workplace safety and
              • Prohibition of use of drugs and alcohol in workplace
              Dealing with Our Sangam Members

              Our Sangam Members avail our financial services because they trust the transparency, value and quality of our services. We must conduct our business to preserve that trust.

              Dealing with Our Business Partners and Lenders

              SKS has invested substantial time, effort and resources in developing strong relationships with its business partners and lenders. Our business practices must preserve those relationships.

              Dealing with the Marketplace

              Our reputation in the public marketplace is an important asset. We must use our assets and business information in a responsible manner and in the best interests of our stakeholders.

              Dealing with Our Communities and Governments

              SKS conducts business in many communities. We must be responsible citizens wherever we do business. SKS has a long-standing policy of compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. SKS also emphasizes the moral and ethical conduct of business in all of its operations.

              Whistle Blower Policy

              Whistle Blower Policy

              This policy is formulated to provide opportunities to employees to access in good faith, to the management concerns (in exceptional cases, to the Audit Committee of the Company) in case they observe unethical or improper practices (not necessarily a violation of law) in the Company and to secure those employees from unfair termination and unfair prejudicial employment practices.

              Policy on Work Place Harassment

              Policy on Work Place Harassment

              SKS recognizes that sexual harassment violates fundamental rights of gender equality, right to life and liberty and right to work with human dignity guaranteed by the Constitution of India. To meet this objective, SKS is unequivocally committed to institute measures to avoid, eliminate and if necessary impose punishment for any act of sexual harassment, which includes unwelcome sexually determined behavior.

              SKS is also committed to creating a workplace where all employees of the Company, no matter what the size of the Company, can feel at ease with all other employees of the Company and can work effectively and professionally.

              Every person is an individual, has unique levels of sensitivity and reaction to other people and what they say and do. This is an important issue to be made clear at the outset to every new employee of SKS. Sexual harassment is a serious criminal offence, which can destroy human dignity and freedom, and as an organization, SKS is committed to ensuring that it does not occur in our work place.

              Policy on Conflicts of Interest for Management and Employees

              Policy on Conflicts of Interest for Management and Employees

              It is the policy of the Company that employees will avoid conflict of interest situations. The Company will establish procedures to ensure that all situations be reported where there is either the appearance of or the potential for a conflict of interest.

              Conflict of Interest is a situation in which an interest interferes, or has the potential to interfere, with a person, organization or institution’s ability to act in accordance with the interest of another party, assuming that the person, organisation or institution has a (legal, conventional or fiduciary) obligation to do so.

              The underlying principle to be used in determining if a conflict of interest situation should be reported is solely whether there would be the appearance or the potential for a conflict of interest. It is not a question of whether the individual will use confidential information for personal benefit, or would allow a conflict to adversely affect Company decisions.

              Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Managers

              Code of Practice and Procedures for Fair Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information


              Note:   The full text of the various codes of conduct and policies can be made available to authorised personnel only.