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              Corporate Information

              Trace the history and key milestones of SKS even as you get to know the top team, products and key initiatives at SKS. Also visit education center to read general and investor FAQs and watch related videos.

              Management Profiles

              A comprehensive introduction to key management personnel at SKS

              Our Products and Initiatives

              Customer needs and simplicity has always been the cornerstone of designing products at SKS. Get details of products and key initiatives.

              Credit Rating

              SKS financial instruments have received the highest credit ratings from leading credit rating agencies.

              Awards and Recognition

              See the awards and recognition won.

              History and Milestones

              Track the key milestones that SKS has achieved in its journey to the top.

              Corporate Presentations

              Access and download useful presentations and reports.(Under Process)

              Education Center

              Get a sense of the responses SKS has to common queries from investors. Download video clips on the same.