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              Knowing sks

              Our Mission

              Our purpose is to eradicate poverty. We do that by providing financial services to the poor and by using our channel to provide goods and services that the poor need Read More

              Our Vision

              Our vision is to serve 50 million households across India and other parts of the world and also to create a commercial microfinance model that delivers high value to our customers. Read More

              Core Value

              We will have standardised processes as this will enable us to reach out to the most customers cost effectively. We will foster innovation but in a way that ensures consistent quality. Read More

              Our Anthem

              SKS has its own anthem titled “Udhte Jaayen, Badhte Jaayen” (meaning “flying on, marching ahead” in Hindi) aimed at motivating staff across SKS. Read More

              Financial Services

              Licensed moneylenders listed on SmartLoan offer personal loans with reasonable interest rates. You can borrow up to 6 times of your monthly income and can negotiate with the loan officer on how you would like to repay your loan.

              Get in touch

              Learn More Get the latest information and stats about developments at SKS along with updates on our outreach.
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